what to wear

Pilates - Wear some comfortable clothes that you can exercise in. Leggings and fitted tops are good. Choose between having bare feet or those nice 'grippy' socks designed for Pilates (so that you don't slip). Our classes at Rochester Dance Junction have mats provided - but you are welcome to bring your own if you'd like.

FitSteps and Tomboogie - These dance exercise classes are great fun, you'll need to be able to move around -  so dance trainers and exercise clothing are good. Why not add a bit of ballroom bling or showtime sparkle as well .... Take your own choice between the supportive dance trainers available - ask for trainers with multi-directional tread so that you can turn easily. 

Janettaz Rocksteps - This class is really good for those who like to have time to get the hang of the steps then rock the dancefloor - gaining the exercise benefits along the way. Wear comfortable footwear that you can move in - as for the clothes - anything you're comfortable in - Jeans actively encouraged !!  Watch out for our 'Venus (and Adonis) in blue jeans competition next summer.

For dance sessions
Take the opportunity to dress up or come casual - it's your choice. For salsa & modern jive- ensure you can move smoothly on the floor in your footwear - you can choose whether or not to wear heels. There is a lot of variation now. Cuban salsa (and son) is traditionally danced without heels. Flat shoes (or no shoes at all) really emphasises the lovely hip movement (as seen in Santiago de Cuba). In social dance clubs in the UK you see most people in heels.

Argentine Tango - it's good to have a pair of low practice shoes as well as heels - and high heels are definitely the thing! I love leather soled dance shoes as I can use them for indoor or outdoor sessions.  Ask me about the fabulous shoe shopping in Argentina ....

For an all purpose dance shoe with a low to medium heel, Freed do nice classic 'character' shoes - mine have the leather sole.

For Argentine tango - any Argentinian brand is good. When I take the group trip in 2016 we'll include shopping for shoes and a trip to a shoe factory for hand made shoes.