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Photo of Janetta
Hello, my name's Janetta - I love to dance and to encourage and inspire others to enjoy dancing. My love of dance has kept me fit and healthy - almost by accident and I hope this works for you too.  

Below are some of the influences on my dancing and teaching. 

Why I love social dancing - particularly Argentine Tango, Salsa, Merengue and Modern Jive
These social dances are sometimes known as club dances, they're great to dance for fun, to enjoy other people's company and accidently keep fit and healthy!  
They are characterised by being improvised dances - without set sequences, except to give examples in class.  I like the way their style evolves organically. This is the beauty of them;  there's plenty of room for individuality and invention. Like spoken language, they grow and change. I believe they give social dancers freedom and encouragement to express themselves and connect and communicate with their partners and the music. 

Argentine Tango - I have been deeply influenced by living for almost a year in Buenos Aires, learning with talented and inspiring professors, friends and dance partners. I now return regularly for further training. On my last trip back I was invited to a school in the town, Evita, to teach a class of ten year old pupils to do a tango show  for their school fete, this was a real honour.  You can see our class photo in the gallery.  In November 2017  I'll be taking a group trip back with me - would you like to come?

Salsa and Merengue - a Cuban influence here. I was lucky to be involved in a project where I trained and performed with a Cuban dance company in Santiago de Cuba. I had an amazing Cuban dance partner who was also a chiropractor - lucky me!  On my return from Cuba I taught a series of workshops for the Kent County Council (KCC) programme 'Festival for Schools' This offered discounted workshops to schools across Kent. I taught classes with pupils aged from five years old through to teenagers. The special needs schools were an absolute pleasure to teach under this project. Corporate clients have included KCC's work fit programme where we set up 'salsa at lunchtime' and Sissinghurst castle where I enjoyed teaching an outdoor workshop for staff and volunteers.

Modern Jive - There are lots of good modern jive classes available now including those by the LeRoc team. I originally learnt and then became teaching assistant (advanced class) with James Cronin. James is the founder of Ceroc, which after I had left for Australia,  was franchised and went on to become one of the largest and best known modern jive organisations in the UK.  I have taught classes in the UK and in Australia under the name Jazzrock. 

Rock - Rock music was the background to my teenage years and I've loved it ever since. Everyone loves to rock. For those of you who enjoy classic rock music including; T Rex, ZZ Top, Slade, Whitesnake, Status Quo and Suzi Q - I've developed a class / workshop called 'Rocksteps'. This is based around some fabulous dances that I enjoyed at rock concerts up and down the UK when I was happily riding around on motorbikes in my 20's. This is definitely 'not just for the girls'.

Dance-exercise - I love TOMBOOGIE and FITSTEPS as they more like dancing than other exercise classes. They have real dance moves and you still get the exercise benefits - a really great way to keep fit and trim. I'd encourage everyone to try these classes and workshops.

Pilates I love Pilates for keeping in shape. It has helped me go from office to dance floor as I juggled these two career paths. I am a level 3 qualified Pilates instructor and also hold a GP Referral Certificate. I offer Pilates mat work classes from beginner through to advanced level. My initial Pilates teacher training was with Joanne Cobbe of JPilates. Joanne is dedicated to the teaching of Pilates and was previously the Principle Tutor for The Pilates Institute. As an associate member of JPilates, I have access to excellent advice and continuous professional development. I also have a strong commitment to ongoing development with a wide range of respected tutors, attending specialist workshops in the UK and abroad.