Improving our social dancing

 Improving our social dancing skills 
I recommend finding something you enjoy that helps towards basic body conditioning. This will improve whichever dance form you enjoy. Below are those that I particularly enjoy and find useful.
  • Ballet stretch exercises, I find these improve posture, balance, strength and flexibility.  
  •  Pilates - I like mat based exercises for the convenience of doing exercise at home, but the machines are really good too. 
  • Girokinetics  - excellent for being more aware of the circular flow of  energy  and movement in your body.
  • Contemporary dance classes and using exercises from this dance form.
  • Any kind of dance fitness/exercise class - it's great for overall fitness - I currently love TOMBOOGIE and FITSTEPS. 
As a last note - most social dancers have limited time. For this reason I'd say that the most important tip from personal experience is to find a way to build small exercises into your everyday routine - it's a bit like doing music scales every day.