is the brand new dance-exercise experience based on the musicals. I love being part of the TOMBOOGIE team. From Grease to Saturday Night Fever, Hairspray to Dirty Dancing, there's something for everyone to let their hair down to and dance and sing like there's no one watching. It's really easy and great fun to join in - Tomboogie is proper dancing with the music and moves we all know and love! 

Tomboogie is medicine for the mind as well as the body
People focus so heavily on the physical side of a workout, and yes Tomboogie is a great workout. But here at Tomboogie we also focus on exercise for the mind, providing people with that escapism for the mind creating an environment where people can let go of their day to day troubles and stresses.
With Tom & Katie-Jo - fabulous training !


You can also book a Tomboogie session for your next party or event - it's a great way to get the dancing started !
So go on - book a bit of fun !
Janetta Murrie,
15 May 2015, 12:10