If your mood lifts, and your inner rebel stirs to the sounds of  TRex, ZZ Top, Slade, Whitesnake, Status Quo and Suzi Q – this is for you. 

I developed the workshop around some fabulous dances that I was shown and enjoyed at rock concerts up and down the UK when I was happily riding around on motorbikes in my 20's. This is definitely 'not just for the girls' and you can have fun and get fit accidently.

We'll be combining dance and exercise - starting off by warming the muscles before dancing our way to  fitness. We'll mix slower and faster tracks, adding more dynamic moves as we go - allowing you to challenge and build your endurance. 

Put on your best jeans - let's rock !

Clubs and organisations  can book a  trial 1 hour workshop or a set of six lunchtime or evening classes by contacting Janetta.

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