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Our regular Pilates Fundamentals class is held at Rochester Dance Junction - have a look at the timetable and contact me to talk about joining. You will normally arrange a 121 before joining or attend an Absolute Beginners Course first. 

Me to you : If 121 sessions suit you better, you can contact me to arrange times for me to come to you at home or at work  - you can also have shared sessions. Prices are listed below.

Next 6-week 'Absolute Beginners' Course - coming soon at Rochester Dance Junction

Contact Janetta now to join the waiting list 

In my six week Absolute Beginners Course, you’ll become familiar with the Pilates approach to improving flexibility with strength and control.

We’ll focus on achieving good technique to get the most from the exercises. I’ll give some adaptations and options as we go through the exercises, so you can work with what your body needs or can achieve at the time. 

There are six principles that we’ll be aiming to incorporate into the way we exercise. These form the foundation of the method of exercise originally described by Joseph Pilates in his system, which he called Contrology.









In his book Return to life through Contrology he wrote: ‘Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. 

What to wear/bring: Just wear something comfortable like leggings, shorts  or track suit bottoms with a T Shirt. Wear socks (with grippy bits if you have them) or bare feet - mats are provided, but you can bring your own if you wish.  - other than that - just some water.... see you on the mat.

Regular classes are held at Rochester Dance Junction - have a look at the timetable and contact Janetta before coming to join us.

Or book a tailored 121 class for yourself, your friends or your organisation - contact Janetta


All payments must be made in advance. You can contact Janetta to talk about the payment methods as well as answering any questions you have about joining classes.

Group classes

Fundamentals Class  - Studio 1 at Rochester Dance Junction   

4 session standard studio pass - £30 for a block of 4 sessions (valid for 4 weeks) 

Renewals are due on the last session. 

Absolute Beginners Pilates Courses £45 for 6 weeks. Join the waiting list by e-mailing me.

Tailored classes - at home or at work

Me to You:  121 - £40 for a single session, or book a block of 4 sessions for £140 valid for 8 weeks. 

                       Allow one hour and 15 minutes per session to include goalsetting and review.

Me to You:  Two people sharing - £30 each for single sessions or book a set of 4 shared sessions for £100 each - valid for 8 weeks. 

                       Allow one hour and 20 minutes per session.

Me to You: Three or four people sharing £20 each for single sessions

                       £70 each for a set of 4 sessions, valid for 8 weeks. 

                       Allow one and a half hours per session.

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