Move More Every Day - Corporate offer

Movement for Wellbeing 

‘Move more every day’

Are you an organisation looking for a set of workshops that can be tailored? Perhaps you have a group of people in mind that you want to provide for....

  • For the busy, for the un-sporty, for the uninspired and the tired… an adventure in movement.
  • For those with good intentions to move more every day, who’d love to explore different creative dance and movement classes and re-set their own healthy movement goals.

It’s great for encouraging your clients to get into good habits - they might be parents trying to find ‘me’ time, or anyone who has accidentally fallen out of the habit of ‘exercising’; or who finds the idea of ‘movement’ so much more fun than ‘working out’.

Modules can include: Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Fitness (FitSteps, Tomboogie, Zumba and RockSteps. Also partner dances including modern jive and salsa, and lots more. Have a look at the Example Proposal and Contact Janetta to talk about what you may need.

Janetta Murrie,
20 Feb 2017, 16:37