Workshops and classes

For corporate clients, clubs and schools: 
call Janetta to discuss a special project or workshop. 
From Argentine tango, salsa and merengue, to modern jive and rock  - you can choose from the ideas on this page, or we can co-create something especially for you.

  • Teambuilding & development 
  • Corporate workfit programmes
  • Lunchtime dance / fitness classes (In-house)
  • Tailored workshops, classes, talks & projects 
  • Themed workshops and showcases for festivals & events
  • Personal tuition for weddings - or just for fun

So go on - book a bit of fun !

Tailor this to suit your clients -A one-off talk or workshop or six worskshops over six weeks

Movement for Wellbeing Move more every day

Are you looking for a set of workshops that can be tailored ? Perhaps you have a group of people in mind that you want to provide for....

  • For the busy, for the un-sporty, for the uninspired and the tired…
  • For those with good intentions to move more every day, who’d love to explore different creative dance and movement classes and re-set their own healthy movement goals.

Modules can include: Pilates, Chair-based movement and dance, Yoga, Tai Chi, Dance Fitness (FitSteps, Tomboogie, Zumba and RockSteps). Also partner dances including modern jive, salsa, and lots more. 

Dance party sessions - for fitness and to start the party...

Your Party Moves 

Book for special occasions - get the party started. 

FITSTEPS  Feel like a star with this dance-fitness experience based on latin and ballroom dances, designed by Ian Waite, Natalie Lowe and Mark Fisher.

TOMBOOGIE  It's showtime ! This dance party workout is based on the musicals - this is new, fast and really exciting. It's great for the mind as well as the body! Feel free to sing along.

ROCKSTEPS This is for everyone who loves rock music. , We will be dancing around to tracks  including; TRex, ZZ Top, Slade, Whitesnake, Status Quo and Suzi Q.

Tailored from 30 minutes to two hours 

Hide and seek - Exploring emotions through dance

This experiential workshop was developed with leading psychotherapist Jane Nixon.  It's ideal for corporate teambuilding and for schools.   We take a look at anger, fear, sadness and joy, discuss how these are expressed or 'put into a box' and how we can show these emotions through movement....  A real exploration of non-verbal communication !

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